CRMs: books on fundraising CRMs and data

Howard Lake | 29 January 2021 | News

This month’s CRM focus has featured a range of advice and information available online. Now it’s time to share a list of books that give you advice and information on choosing and using CRMs and on the related issues of data and supporter communications.
As always with a list, we’re confident that we’ve missed out some really useful titles. Let us know in the comments below other books that would complement this list.

Fundraising CRMs

102 More In-Depth Tips on How to Buy Fundraising Software & Charity CRM Systems

by Ivan Wainwright


The Complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Handbook

by Peter Flory


More general CRM books

CRM for Dummies

by Lars Helgeson




How to Love Your Donors

by Stephen Pidgeon
Joe Saxton, Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy says: “Stephen Pidgeon’s book is a high octane-fuelled read of the highest order. If reading this book doesn’t make you shout ‘Yes, yes, yes’ on one page and snort with outrage on the next, I will be very surprised.”


Philanthropy Revolution: How to Inspire Donors, Build Relationships and Make a Difference

by Lisa Greer and Larissa Kostoff 


Digital fundraising



Fundraising data

Data Protection: for voluntary organisations

by Paul Ticher

GDPR for Charitable Organisations

by Andrew Denley and Brian Hitchens


Data Feminism

by Catherine Dinazio and Lauren F Klein

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