Charity shops join Dress to Impress job interview initiative

Melanie May | 16 October 2018 | News

White collar striped grey shirt with a dark tie. Photo: Pixabay

An initiative launches this week in charity shops across the country to help people access affordable interview clothing, as well as advice.
650 charity shops across the UK have joined forces with careers app Debut and TV fashion expert Amber Butchart to launch the ‘Dress to Impress for £10’ initiative, which will provide interview outfits for £10 and educate job seekers on correct interview attire. It aims to give everyone access to interview attire on a budget while demystifying what candidates should wear to an interview, after research by Debut showed that 72% of jobseekers aged 16-23 didn’t know where to start.
Participating charity shops will be displaying a window sticker from Wednesday 17 October, and the initiative will run for as long as there is demand in-store.

Robin Osterley, Charity Retail Association Chief Executive, said:

“Charity shops play a vital role in every community, making them a perfect place to help this campaign start conversations about finding work, give people a helping hand to get into employment, or source a fantastic interview outfit for a good price.
“The Dress to Impress for £10 initiative is extremely relevant today as competition for jobs is increasing, and people are looking for ways to save money during the job application process. Often education around what to wear is also missing – and this campaign helps to overcome that whilst supporting great causes across the UK.”

Charlie Taylor, Founder and CEO of Debut said:

“Everyone in the UK can benefit from this campaign – job seekers can pick up a great outfit on a budget and feel interview-ready, whilst everyone else can get involved and donate their own pre-loved interview attire that they no longer need to help a number of fantastic causes.”