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Charity Retail Association launches safeguarding scheme

The Charity Retail Association (CRA) has launched a scheme to help charity shops with their safeguarding.
The Charity Retail Safeguarding Scheme (CRSS) has been developed in conjunction with Barnardo’s to encourage charity retailers to follow a consistent set of safeguarding principles. The scheme sets out criteria that the charity shop needs to follow in order to display the scheme’s certificate, which includes completing a course of e-learning, obtaining DBS checks and signing a safeguarding code of conduct.
The CRA believes that the scheme will further strengthen confidence in the sector and provide a set of standards for retailers to work towards.
Chief Executive of the CRA, Robin Osterley said:

“We are delighted to be launching this new initiative today, and are very grateful for the support of Barnardo’s in developing it. This scheme provides an excellent framework within which charity retailers can operate their safeguarding processes, taking a big step towards ensuring there is even more focus on keeping staff, volunteers and customers safe. The scheme can be operated by any charity retailer, whatever its size, and thus offers the possibility of real consistency across the sector in terms of its safeguarding practices.”

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Barnardo’s added:


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“Barnardo’s is delighted to have played a part in helping the Charity Retail Association make this scheme available to its 400 or so charity retail members. Our Licence to Operate scheme, on which the CRSS is based, has shown that a consistent and methodical approach can work very well in the charity retail sector. We’re not complacent and safeguarding must always be a key priority for all colleagues. I am very pleased that we have been able to help CRA share our learning with the sector as a whole.”

The scheme officially launched on 20 February.