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Charity Retail Association launches online mentoring platform

Charity Retail Association launches online mentoring platform

The Association has launched an online mentoring platform for its members.

The mentoring platform is a matching service that aims to help people find someone to help them explore areas of their professional life that they wish to develop, or to give back by offering their own expertise.

The Charity Retail Association’s charity members can act as either mentors or mentees, and corporate members can also supply guidance as mentors. Registration is open now.

Mentees can choose the areas they are interested in as well as specify their location, while mentors will be able to offer a range of skills and also match up by location. It is also possible to state preferences for how the mentoring should be carried out, to view people’s credentials, and to accept or turn down matches.

Robin Osterley, Chief Executive of the , said:

“Sharing knowledge and expertise has always been a highly regarded characteristic of our membership. For the sector to progress it is crucial that skills and experience are always improving, and this platform aims to help this happen.”

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