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New cloud-based platform to support charities with governance & compliance

Melanie May | 6 June 2018 | News

A cloud-based platform aimed at helping charities with their governance and compliance launches this month, with charities invited to take part in the pilot.
The Charity Excellence Framework has been developed and self-funded by Ian McLintock, who has worked in the sector since 2003, as well as volunteering for 40 years. His roles have included founding board member, Chair of Governance Committee and Company Secretary of the Aylesbury Vale Community Trust, CEO of The London Irish Centre, and International Operations Director of The Climate Group. Having previously created a number of performance systems in large organisations, he has now turned his focus to the charity sector.
The Charity Excellence Framework platform has been designed to be affordable and low workload. It supports charities with their governance and compliance by providing their boards and CEOs with the means to assess and manage their performance across a number of key areas, as well as work out where they need to make improvements. It does this by creating a unique model for each nonprofit, based on its size, location, role and activities, with eight diagnostic questionnaires and reporting via a dashboard that tracks more than 20 key metrics. Reports are optimised for the nonprofit’s specific priorities and results are linked individually to resources from across the web.

Charity Excellence Framework dashboard

Charity Excellence Framework dashboard

The web-based platform also helps with compliance, by using nearly 50 metrics to track a range of issues including safeguarding, harassment and whistleblowing.
McLintock said:

“I’ve been a passionate volunteer for 40 years and wanted to do something to help address the huge challenges we face.  I’d previously built systems for large organisations, so I’ve spent two years and my savings building one for the voluntary sector that’s easy to use, low workload and low cost, but equally capable.  Revenue from it will fund even more ambitious plans.”

Phase one of the launch takes place this month, with subsequent phases to be funded from revenue and to include creating a charity sector data store, online stakeholder engagement linked to the system and a Fit-to-Practice qualification for CEOs. Charities interested in participating in the pilot will be able to access the platform for free. Registration for this is via the Charity Excellence Framework site.


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