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£10,000 extra available in small grants from Oxford City Council

Melanie May | 22 May 2018 | News

Oxford City Council has made a further £10,000 of small grants available for local charities and community groups through online matching platform The Good Exchange.

Following a successful pilot earlier this year, the City Council will offer grants of up to £1,000 through the second round of its 2018 Small Grants Scheme on the platform. Grants will be available to organisations based in Oxford that promote equality, community cohesion, healthy living, or that tackle poverty and deprivation.

Local charities and community groups can apply for the grants via The Good Exchange website. Those that meet the criteria will be automatically matched and shortlisted to the City Council. In addition, their application will be matched to all other eligible grant givers on the platform.


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During the pilot, which took place between January and March this year, the City Council awarded £4,000 via The Good Exchange to the following groups:

Oxford City Council provides £1.4m of grants every year to local charities and community groups. The grants are provided to organisations to help tackle inequality, deprivation and homelessness, and promote arts and culture.

Logic Lane, Oxford. Photo: Howard Lake
Logic Lane, Oxford. Photo: Howard Lake

Councillor Marie Tidball, Executive Board Member for Supporting Local Communities, said:

“We are very pleased to open the second round of the Small Grants Scheme to local charities and community groups through The Good Exchange.
“This online platform demonstrates the City Council’s commitment to seek innovative ways of supporting groups and organisations in Oxford, allowing them to fundraise more effectively.”

All applications for the City Council’s Small Grants Scheme 2018 – Second Round, should be made through The Good Exchange. Applications will be decided upon by the City Council as they come in, and will not be accepted after the closing date, 1 March 2019, or once the funding has been fully allocated, if earlier.