More products to boost funds raised for charity by Making a Difference Locally

Nisa’s charity Making a Difference Locally (MADL) is changing the way it is funded this month to raise additional funds for small charities and good causes across the UK.
Wholesale sales of all branded products featured in Nisa’s consumer leaflet (which change every three week period) will now carry a 0.25% donation to the charity. Nisa’s Heritage own label products will carry a donation of 0.6% all year round.
While Heritage products already contributed to the charity’s income, previously only branded products from a small number of supplier partners carried donations.
In the first week of trading with the new funding model, income from the sales of Heritage products increased by 6% and the income generated from products to be featured on the consumer leaflet increased by 461%.

MADL is 10

The new funding model comes as Making a Difference Locally celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and aims to increase the support given to UK communities through the charity. It has donated over £7.5 million to around 10,000 causes to date. Over 2,300 Nisa stores are taking part.
Stores are able to donate funds raised to a local charity or good cause of their choice within a 10 mile radius, ensuring money raised by the community stays within the community.
Nisa members will receive 10th birthday-themed point of sale kits this month to help highlight the charity to their customers in-store.
Kate Carroll, Nisa’s Head of Charity, said: “We are so grateful to the hundreds of suppliers who are getting behind this new funding model to ensure that Nisa’s independent retailers are able to give back even more to the local communities they serve. 
“Nisa’s Heritage range suppliers have supported the charity for many years, but this is the first time every supplier will be contributing equally across the wide range of own-label products.”