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GivePenny app now supports Strava

Digital fundraising platform GivePenny now lets runners and cyclists connect their account to Strava so that they can upload their activity achievements to their fundraising pages.
Strava is a globally popular mobile tracking app designed for runners and cyclists, which uses the built-in GPS function of tablets, smartwatches and smartphones to calculate distances and speeds travelled.
GivePenny already connects with other popular GPS devices including those made by Garmin, Polar and Fitbit, and other services including Runkeeper, Fitbit, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.
Strava users can now link their accounts with their GivePenny accounts to help attract sponsorship from friends and family for every mile or kilometre tracked through the app. 
GivePenny describes its approach of ‘Connected Giving’. In this way it is letting Strava users link some of the app’s motivational challenges to their fundraising. Charities and good causes can create their own fundraising challenges for multiple supporters e.g. 100 miles in 100 days or run a marathon in a month.
They could also set up virtual mass participation campaigns, such as ‘run around the world’ or ‘cycle around the UK coastline’. Plenty of other Strava-connected apps allow this kind of virtual activity, such as the cycling app Zwift.
Indeed, Strava itself isn’t limited to just running and cycling. It can track an extensive list of activities. These include:

Strava’s platform is very social, with running groups and shared events like Park Runs communicating and sharing online, together with various leaderboards to show how athletes compare with each other, from long distance runs to personal bests over short segments of a route. This should prove useful in inspiring more people to take part in charity events and support them via GivePenny.
Lee Clark, founder and CEO or GivePenny, said: “We’re so happy to have added Strava as a connection on GivePenny. It is an immensely popular platform for both athletes and people using it to motivate themselves to stay fit. We can’t wait to see how charities and good causes take full advantage of the ability to be front-of-mind while their supporters are using such a fun platform. Our team of FUN-Raisers will be there to help every step of the way.”
He explains that GivePenny’s mission is to develop new ways to inspire giving “and we’re doing this by connecting the world’s favourite apps, wearable technology and websites to exciting fundraising experiences.”

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Strava means strive in Swedish.



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