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How the Commission on the Donor Experience’s work is continuing

The work of the Commission on the Donor Experience, the biggest voluntary collaboration of UK fundraisers on investigating and sharing best practice, continues to be taken forward.
The Commission published its final reports in July last year at the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraising Convention in London. The documents represented the research, analysis and discussion of hundreds of fundraisers and thousands of hours of their time.

Donor Experience Project

The reports were well-received, but the work and aims of the Commission is now being taken forward. The Institute of Fundraising is now officially hosting the Donor Experience Project.

Institute of Fundraising Donor Experience group logo

Work on taking the Commission on the Donor Experience forward has continued since it published its findings in July 2017.

This has developed from the Donor Experience Special Interest Group which was set up in October 2017.
The project’s goal is “to help fundraisers deliver a great experience so everyone feels good about giving”. It aims to help cultivate “a culture in which charities consistently deliver exemplary experiences for their donors and other supporters”.
The team behind the Donor Experience Project are once again asking for help from fundraisers who are committed to helping change the culture of fundraising, and to “inspiring and stimulating new ways of thinking and behaving”.
Donor Experience Project
They are looking for fundraisers who want:

Those wishing to contribute to the Donor Experience Project should contact the team via email. There will also be a regular Donor Experience newsletter available sharing the content contributed.


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Donor experience categories in awards

The Donor Experience Commission’s work has also inspired the creation of two new awards categories for fundraisers.