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One in five would donate Christmas gift money to charity

Melanie May | 28 November 2017 | News

Over three-quarters of people asked in a survey believe we spend too much on Christmas presents, and one in five would be happy to donate to charity if gifts were out of the picture, Safe.co.uk has revealed.
According to Safe.co.uk, people in the UK are planning to spend an average of £380 on gifts this Christmas, but most (76%) think too much is spent on presents and would be happy to spend this cash some other way. While 56% would like to put the money towards a holiday instead, 19% would give it to charity. Safe.co.uk estimates that if 19% of UK households did donate £380 to charity this Christmas, that would add up to £1,956,620,000.
Safe.co.uk asked two charities what £380 could help them achieve. According to School-Home Support, £380 could pay for a week’s worth of emergency food for seven families, or school shoes for a classroom of children, while CAP UK, said £380 could enable it to provide three families and one individual with a Christmas hamper.
The research was conducted in October 2017 on behalf of safe.co.uk with 2,011 UK participants.
Safe.co.uk is also currently running a competition for people to nominate a charity and one winner to get £380 donated to their chosen charity in time for Christmas. The competition opened on 24 November and runs until 15 December.



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