Christian Aid reports ethical gift sales up by 372%

Howard Lake | 9 December 2008 | News

Christian Aid reports that orders at its ethical gift site Present Aid are up by 372% compared to the same period last year (October 2007 v October 2008).
Based on current sales figures, it comfortably expects to exceed last year’s total of £2.1 million.
The Present Aid catalogue offers a variety of quirky ethical virtual gifts including a duck, a set of paints, a visit to the dentist for tooth extraction, a watering can, and a community tap.
Daniel Charles, head of Present Aid, said: “You might think that with the economy as it is we’d be seeing a decline in the number of people buying ethical gifts like these over the festive period.
“However, from baby buffalo to cans of worms, watering cans to mosquito nets, it seems Brits are shunning socks and soap on a rope in favour of virtual gifts to help people in the developing world”.