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Code changes to static collections now in force

Code changes to static collections now in force

The has implemented a number of changes to the Code on static collections in response to concerns raised by fundraisers.

According to the Regulator, the concerns that were raised surrounded:

  • issues raised as a result of ’ personal contact information being revealed to the public as is currently required
  • Resourcing issues created as a result of charities having to sign certificates of authority or letters for each individual volunteer
  • The clear identification of agency/company collectors who undertake static collections on a charity’s behalf
  • Clarity over who is responsible for collections and what the Organisations’ responsibilities are as a result

The changes affect sections 17.2, 17.3 and 17.4 of the Code and organisations have a transition period lasting until 31 December 2017 to become compliant.

In its statement announcing the changes, the Regulator said they were designed to:

“Allow greater flexibility for charities to determine which contact details (those of the organisation or of the volunteer) are appropriate to provide on their authorisation certificates / letters / badges in order to authorise their volunteers’ static collection activities. The changes will allow charities to address concerns about volunteers disclosing their own personal information by taking responsibility themselves to hold the volunteers’ identifiable information, and offering contact information for the organisation directly to those who wish to verify a collector’s authority.”

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