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Fundraising Preference Service now available in Welsh

The Fundraising Regulator has produced the Welsh version of the Fundraising Preference Service. This will serve Welsh speakers who wish to control their fundraising communications from charities.
The Welsh version follows the launch in early July 2017 of the original version in English. The Welsh version will provide the same suppression process.

Welsh version of the Fundraising Preference Service website

Gwasanaeth Dewisiadau Codi Arian

Suppression requests so far

At the end of 2017, after the Fundraising Preference Service had been running for just a week short of six months, it had been used by nearly 5,000 individuals in England, Wales and Scotland to make 13,850 suppression requests. Suppression requests in Scotland are related only to charities primarily registered in England and Wales.
The Fundraising Regulator reports that “over 20% of the suppression requests have been made on behalf of another person”, adding that this indicates “that the service is being used to help vulnerable members of the public.” How to treat vulnerable donors was one of the key challenges raised by the Etherington review on fundraising self-regulation in 2015.
The Fundraising Preference Service will be extended to include Northern Ireland charities later in 2018.  

Menu with Welsh language version on Fundraising Preference Service site

Access the Welsh version in the top right menu

Stephen Dunmore, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said that a Welsh version of the Fundraising Preference Service was “an important milestone” for the organisation.
He added: “Welsh-speaking members of the public can now stop direct marketing communications from named charities, by using the Fundraising Preference Service. They now have the same opportunity as English speakers to control the marketing and fundraising requests they receive from charities.”
Ruth Marks, CEO of the WCVA, said: “Giving the public in Wales the opportunity to use this valuable service in their language of choice is a very welcome development. WCVA has operated bilingually for a number of years, and is pleased to be able to support and promote this new service to our members.”



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