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Trust in charities up 4% since October, nfpSynergy research shows

Melanie May | 9 May 2017 | News

Trust in charities has risen by nearly four per cent since last October, from 60% to 64%, and charities are now the third most trusted public institution after the NHS and the Armed Forces, according to an nfpSynergy survey.
Eighteen months ago, the nfpSynergy statistics show, charities were in 12th place behind TV and radio stations. The research saw nfpSynergy survey 1,000 people during February 2017 and reveals that trust in the FRSB – now replaced by the Fundraising Regulator – has more than doubled since 2009: rising from 15% to 35%.
67% of women trust charities, compared to 61% of men, while the under 24s currently trust charities more than any other age group at 71%, with the over 65s dropping to 60% trust from 70% in October 2016.
72% of charity supporters trust charities, compared to non-supporters at 47% (a 10% rise from 37% last time).

Trust in charities and other public institutions – May 2017 from nfpSynergy

According to nfpSynergy, there is no evidence in its research that increases or decreases in trust in the general public have any impact on levels of giving or volunteering. However, the research does not indicate why trust in charities has risen, with nfpSynergy suggesting that it may be as much to do with events like Brexit and Trump’s election as any actions by the charity sector.



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