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Trust in charities rose to high of 64% in 2017, says nfpSynergy

Trust in charities rose to high of 64% in 2017, says nfpSynergy

Charities rose to the fifth most trusted public institution last year with levels peaking at 64% according to .

nfpSynergy’s Trust in Charity report for 2017 shows that public trust peaked early last year, before plateauing in the 55-60% range, and ending the year with 60% of people saying they trusted them a great deal or quite a lot.

By the end of 2017, charities were ranked just behind the NHS, the Armed Forces, the police, and schools for most trusted public institution, up from 12th place two years ago, which saw charities placed behind TV and radio stations.

nfpsynergy trust in charities

Charity supporters show much higher levels than non-supporters, with 70% saying they had a great deal or quite a lot of trust in November last year, compared to 40% of non-supporters. Women also trust charities more than men, at 63% compared to 56%, while age groups are broadly similar, with 58%-62% in each bracket saying they trust charities a great deal or quite a lot.

Trust in the FRSB and now is lower but has also risen – more than doubling since 2009: from 15% to 37%.

nfpsynergy trust in charities 2017

Despite the increase in trust however, in the report, nfpSynergy says that there is no evidence in its research that increases or decreases in trust in the general public have had any impact on levels of giving or volunteering.

nfpSynergy surveyed online 1000 people representative of the UK population by age, gender and social class for the survey, in February, April, August and November 2017.

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