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10:10 seeks organisations to benefit from solar power crowdfunding campaign

10:10, the charity that creates participatory projects that bring people together to tackle climate change, is looking for organisations that would like to receive free solar panels.
It is about to embark on a crowdfunding campaign to buy as many solar panels as possible to benefit organisations that work on the issues of

In particular they are looking for eligible organisations in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 
In addition to working on the specific issues, organisations must be able to accommodate solar panels and help 10:10 to increase the visibility of the project. There is no need to contribute financially to the crowdfunding campaign.

In memory of Prince

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The crowdfunding campaign and its focus is a tribute to singer-songwriter, actor and musician Prince, who died last year. After his death it emerged that he was a clean energy advocate and philanthropist. For example, he had secretly funded solar panels for many of the residents of Oakland, California.
10:10’s crowdfunding campaign will run from 21 April 2017, the anniversary of Prince’s death, to 7 June, his birthday.

“The more we raise, the more organisations working for the benefit of us all will have their energy bills slashed and be invited to participate in the unstoppable transition to clean energy worldwide.”

10:10 are hoping that Prince fans around the world will support the campaign to mark the anniversary of his death.
The charity’s past solar power campaigns have included:

For more information about the Prince of Solar campaign contact Max Wakefield at 10:10.