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Sainsbury’s offers grants to Scottish and Welsh charities from carrier bag levy

Howard Lake | 19 January 2015 | News

Sainsbury’s is offering grants of up to £500 to Scottish and Welsh voluntary organisations from the proceeds of the carrier bag levy.
Grants are awarded annually to charities and community groups to fund projects and activities which match Sainsbury’s core values of “food, family, kids and health” but also for arts/culture, environment and social welfare.
Organisations can be of any size, provided they support the community in Scotland or Wales.
Any funding not distributed by the end of the year will be donated to Sainsbury’s stores’ Local Charity partners in Scotland and Wales.

Carrier bag levy

The funding is generated following the introduction of the carrier bag levy. In October 2011 the Welsh Government introduced a 5p charge of single use carrier bags, and Sainsburys in Wales no longer provides customers in supermarkets with free single use bags. In addition, the company introduce a 40p charge to each online grocery order to cover all single use carrier bags used in the delivery and to comply with the legislation.
The Scottish Government also introduced a 5p charge of single use carrier bags in October 2014.
Sainsbury’s donates the net proceeds from the carrier bag levy to its Welsh and Scottish Community Grant funds.

Who can apply?

Funding from both funds is open to
• Registered or Exempt Charities
• Voluntary/Community Groups (constituted)
• CASCs (Community Association Sports Clubs)
• Schools
• CICs (Community Interest Companies) and Social Enterprises
• Provident and Industrial Societies
Applications for this current round are now open and close on 28 February 2015 for both Scottish and Welsh funds.


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