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Sustrans to grant £20m for cycling and walking projects in Scotland

Howard Lake | 1 May 2015 | News

Sustrans’ Community Links partnership is about to grant £20 million from Transport Scotland to support 160 cycling and walking projects in Scotland.
The funding derives from the Scottish Government’s commitment to support the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland that is designed to ensure that 10% of purposeful trips in Scotland will be by bicycle by 2020, and the National Walking Strategy’s aim to create better quality walking environments.

Match funding requirement

Successful applicants had to be able to match the funding they received from Sustrans.
Tom Bishop, Sustrans’ Community Links Coordinator, said:

“From the evidence gathered over the past five years and from the level of submissions received this year, it is clear that there is a real appetite to improve cycling facilities across Scotland. Our Community Links team has worked hard to carefully select the highest quality projects to fund and we look forward to working with partners to ensure their successful delivery.
“The installation of these new cycling facilities will give people the opportunity to travel actively on a regular basis. This will bring them a large number of benefits – health, financial and environmental.”


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The current application round is now closed.
Photo: Bike wheel by Alex Norkin on Shutterstock.com