creates new income stream with corporate treat service

Melanie May | 8 March 2017 | News has launched a corporate gift service aimed at creating a new income stream for the charity.
Treat launched last September with the objective of creating sustainable income for that taps into the private sector, It offers food gifts that corporates can order to send as a personalised thank you to employees.
The Thank You Treat comprises a slice of chocolate brownie, tiffin, milk chocolate blondie, or banana and coconut blondie, and a handwritten thank you notecard with the message provided by the sender. treat
The Treat can be bought for a single order price of £12, or companies can sign up to the Treat Premium service if they wish to make multiple or regular purchases. Under this service each Treat is £10. Delivery is free, and all profits go to £5 from each Treat.
In the next few months will also be launching a Welcome Pack Treat, Workiversary Treat and Happy Birthday Treat.
Amanjit Dhillon, product manager at Treat said:

“A crucial element to note is that Treat isn’t a fundraising mechanism, it’s a service we’re selling. The charity element is secondary. We’re not becoming charity partners with these businesses, we’re selling their HR departments a staff reward and engagement service they would buy from private companies. We’re determined to go after budgets that aren’t about CSR.
“This is all part of the strategy to build products and services that compete with the private sector rather than other charities”.


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