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Charity to donate £50 for other charities’ volunteers to volunteer at festivals

Howard Lake | 2 June 2016 | News

Children’s charity is looking for volunteers from other charities to help with its summer festival Charity Concierge service, and will donate £50 to charities for each volunteer they can provide. is offering other charities’ supporters and volunteers the chance to take part in an enjoyable festival experience and raise funds for them and for your charity.

Its Charity Concierge service takes volunteers to music festivals, and then offers them as assistants to festival-goers in return for a donation. Volunteers helps with putting up tents, carrying luggage, delivering breakfast in bed, and providing waiter service, all for a donation. Most concierge services cost just a £5 donation.


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A Charity Concierge volunteer brings lunch at Latitude 2015.
Delivering lunch, for a £5 donation.

The volunteers who get selected get a free ticket to the festival “and work short shifts”. At Latitude, all the concierges worked just three, six hour shifts and all were given at least one full day off.

They all get to wear a distinctive purple ‘bell-boy’ type t-shirt.

Four festivals

Four festival logos particularly needs more volunteers for Latitude and V Festival. is this year providing Charity Concierge volunteers at four festivals. But at two of them, Latitude and V Festival, it needs to find even more volunteers.

At another festival, Festival Republic, the organisers are matching the donations given to Charity Concierge volunteers.


So, are offering a charity partnership that helps them and other charities fundraise, gives volunteers an enjoyable and rewarding time (for free) at a festival, and helps festival goers have an even more enjoyable time.
Richard, a Charity Concierge at Latitude 2015, said:

“I can’t imagine many jobs where people are so eager and happy to give their money over. The work is fun and the cause is good!”’s Managing Director Thomas Muirhead (whose TEDx talk we featured recently) explained how he came up with the idea of a charity partnership. He said:

“We were spending money on volunteer recruitment, and quickly realised that there must be a better way to do this. Couldn’t the money we spend on advertising go to other charities instead. We hoped so, and the response from other charities has been great so far. This way everyone wins: the volunteers win, the other charities win, we win and the festival goers win.

“Charity Concierge came about because of our partnership with Festival Republic who had the foresight to work with us and create something new that added value to everyone involved. It’s rare to be able to do that – so this way we can spread that out a little.”

Charities and potential volunteers can find out more about Charity Concierge from