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Comic Relief – the history of the Red Noses

Comic Relief – the history of the Red Noses

returns next month, and red noses are already on sale, with a different look, as usual.

The charity has published a video presenting a gallery of the many different red nose designs that it has used, sold and raised funds from since 1988.

There have been squidgy ones, noses with hands (1991), a tomato with green stalk (1993), a furry one, a hairy nose, one with a party blower for a tongue, one with red, yellow and blue stringy hair (2005), pirates and monsters.

This year’s line-up is different too, featuring a range of different character noses. These include Dr. Nose, Sneezecake, The Snorcerer, Snuffles, DJ Boogie, Norse Nose, Snootankhamun, Sniffer and Nose-it-all! They can all be bought in surprise bags from Sainsbury’s, Oxfam and, costing £1 with at least 60p going to Comic Relief.

If you are lucky enough to find the rare silver Frankinose in your bag, this unlocks exclusive content in the Comic Adventure digital comic strip at

So, which of the noses through the ages was your favourite?


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