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Comic Relief sets design challenge with Tech vs Abuse grants offer

Comic Relief sets design challenge with Tech vs Abuse grants offer

is offering grants of £20,000 to £50,000 for projects that address five design challenges aimed at helping people suffering from domestic abuse.

The Comic Relief Tech vs Abuse grant initiative is based on a six-month research project commissioned by Comic Relief to understand the potential opportunities, gaps and risks for in the context of domestic violence and abuse, led by Chayn, SafeLives and Snook.

On the basis of this research, Comic Relief, together with the research team and in consultation with a number of organisations in the domestic abuse sector, have created five key design challenges. These have been prioritised on the basis that if addressed effectively and safely, these solutions would make the most immediate difference to people affected by domestic abuse.

The five key design challenges are:

  • Fifteen minute window: provide or curate key information online for women experiencing domestic abuse in a way which is easy to find, simple to navigate and quick to interact with.
  • Effective real-time support services: enable women to find and access services for support (including referrals) when required, day or night, seamlessly and with minimal logistical and emotional burden.
  • Safer digital-footprint: provide people affected by domestic abuse and frontline professionals the confidence and knowledge they need to use technology and stay online safely, with full control over their online data, privacy settings and social media accounts.
  • Accessible legal and financial information: create engaging, accessible and digestible information on the legal process or the financial situation women find themselves in, connecting to support and advice where relevant.
  • Realising it’s abuse: use the creative opportunities of the web to raise awareness of what an abusive relationship looks like, provoking women and girls experiencing abuse to recognise this and get support.

Comic Relief is investing through the Tampon Tax Fund and anticipates making up to seven grants from a total fund of up to £300,000.

Proposals can be submitted until midday on 13th March 2017, and full information on entry criteria and the funding process are available here on the Comic Relief site.


Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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