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Five digital trends for the future of fundraising

Howard Lake | 6 February 2017 | Blogs

In partnership with the Institute of Fundraising we here at Social Misfits Media have put together this infographic based on digital guru Beth Kanter’s visit to London last year, where she talked to us about digital trends.
As the New Year begins we start to consider what challenges may be lay ahead. This handy infographic highlights the five biggest trends that organisations should be aware of in order to prepare for 2017 and beyond. If you make one New Years resolution for the year to come, it should be to get to know how these changes may affect you and your organisation so you can better prepare for the future.
One of the biggest arenas for change is the digital world, and the five trends outlined in the infographic have been broken down to assist you in understanding what may change and how your organisation can use this to plan ahead. Whilst you don’t need to rush out and invest in all of these trends, simply making your organisation aware of them and understanding how they may affect you will help you to learn from, and engage with, the changes that are bound to shape the digital world in a big way; after all knowledge is power!
Beth Kanter infographic
Hannah Donald and Erin Niimi Longhurst, SocialMisfitsMedia Inc



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