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CoppaFeel & Ellie’s Friends unite to blow a raspberry to cancer

CoppaFeel & Ellie’s Friends unite to blow a raspberry to cancer

Cancer charities CoppaFeel and Ellie’s Friends have partnered in a campaign to raise funds and awareness through encouraging people to blow a raspberry to cancer and post it on .

The Raspberry to Cancer campaign asks people to put their smartphone on slo-mo camera by using an app such as SloPro, film themselves blowing a raspberry then share it on social media with the hashtag #raspberrytocancer and nominate a friend. Participants are then asked to donate £3 via text.

This is the first time the two charities have worked together, and funds raised will be split between both, to help support their work.

CoppaFeel founder and CEO Kris Hallenga said:

“I am excited to get this fun campaign out there and I am happy Ellie’s Friends approached us for this great partnership. We all know someone with cancer, and it’s time to show what we all think of it, in the form of a big fat raspberry.”



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