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EPoS implementation sees Sense double new goods margins in under six months

Melanie May | 24 November 2016 | News

Sense has doubled new goods margins and increased second-hand good margins and Gift-Aided sales in less than six months since implementing an EPoS system across its stores.
The charity partnered with EPoS & retail management software provider Cybertill to implement its CharityStore system in June this year and has seen new goods margins double to 74.7%, and second-hand goods margins increase from 45% to 77%.
The system has also given the charity a more accurate view of stock while a better pricing structure has enabled it to increase its average transaction value from £4.16 to £4.24.
Previously, Sense, which has 100 shops across the country in addition to eBay and Amazon online stores, was using a different retail system alongside paper-based tasks to manage the stores, also managing Gift Aid claims separately to the store system.
The new software lets the charity integrate Gift Aid into its EPoS system.  All data is now stored and managed from one place, which has helped Sense to prompt more staff to push Gift Aid at the till point, resulting in a 31% rise in Gift Aided sales.
The system has also enabled Sense to unite its fundraising and retail divisions as well as improve supporter and community engagement.
Adrian Darkin, trading manager at Sense, said:

“The fundraising department is really excited about being able to tap into retail CRM and loyalty clubs to increase fundraising. Before, there was a massive gap of data capture and communication with community charity shoppers, but CharityStore is helping us to close it. We are looking to harness the technology CharityStore provides to ensure cross-organisation revenue streams are maximised.”



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