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GiftEase's inSynch database plugin to ease Gift Aid reclaims

Howard Lake | 26 March 2010 | News

Gift Ease's inSynch database plugin
Easing Gift Aid reclaims with inSynch

Charity IT specialists GiftEase have announced inSynch, a plugin application that can work with almost any charity database and which will produce “error free tax claims in a matter of hours.”

InSynch features GiftEase’s Gift Aid Validation Engine (GAVE) which can target and identify donations failing any of over 30 HMRC rules. This is used to validate a charity’s Gift Aid records, blocking invalid donations, and removing the need for manual checking and importing/exporting of data. It includes information and explanations on any records that fail the Gift Aid audit.

InSynch plugs in to any database based on SQL. Charity staff with “absolutely no knowledge of Gift Aid or financial know how” can then create templates that are then used to run tax claims and Gift Aid auditing, whether it is for sponsorship, major donors, or data from external bureaux.


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GiftEase say that it can handle data rapidly, for example processing up to 250,000 donations in under four hours.

“We have always had very positive feedback from the bigger charities regarding GiftEase”, said Kevin Robson, GiftEase MD. “But the barrier to moving forward has been the reluctance to run more than one database or try and convince the charity’s stakeholders to move from their current database. Charities make a huge investment in databases particularly for fundraising so inSynch is the perfect Gift Aid solution partner for any charity.”