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Donald Trump as demon painting to raise funds for anti-sexual violence charity

A recreation of the painting ‘The Nightmare’ featuring American presidential candidate Donald Trump as the Incubus demon will raise funds for Rainn, the US anti-sexual violence nonprofit.

A classically trained artist has recreated ‘The Nightmare’, painted in 1781 by Andrew Fuseli, which depicts a sleeping woman with an Incubus demon crouched on top of her. The reworked painting has been renamed ‘Every woman’s nightmare’.

Replacing the Incubus demon with the features of Donald Trump is a reference to his offensive comments towards women. For example, he was recorded boasting about groping women and saying that “when you’re a star… you can do anything”.


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Profits from the sale of prints of the painting will be donated to Rainn, which helps victims of rape, sexual assault and incest.

The painting was commissioned by quirky painting gift site, Nobilified.com, based in Canada, to coincide with the upcoming American presidential election on the 8th November. The site lets customers commission a portrait featuring their own face; examples include the Mona Lisa, American Gothic and Joan of Arc.

Donald Trump as Incubus

Every Woman's Nightmare, featuring Donald Trump as Incubus. Image: Nobilified.com
Every Woman’s Nightmare. Image: Nobilified.com

In mythology an Incubus is a demon that takes male form and preys on women, lying on them to engage in sexual activity.

Chris Jensen, founder of Nobilifed.com said:

“I don’t think there’s one person on this planet that hasn’t heard of Donald Trump and his outrageous comments. With the election coming up we wanted to highlight his controversial comments the best way we know how – and ‘The Nightmare’ seemed liked the perfect painting”.

He described Rainn as “a very suitable charity considering the recent revelations about Trump”.
He added that the original painting will be sent to the White House for the new President to enjoy, whether that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.