Tearfund Big Bake 2016 launches with help of Martha Collison

Melanie May | 22 August 2016 | News

Former Great British Bake Off contestant and Tearfund ambassador Martha Collison, has helped launch this year’s Tearfund Big Bake.
Collison enlisted the help of a number of junior bakers to help launch the event, after previously supporting Tearfund’s 2015 Big Bake by doing a 21-hour bakeathon.
The Big Bake will raise funds to help Tearfund tackle extreme hunger, through providing nutritious meals, training and tools to transform communities.

Collison said:

“I see it as my way to express my Christian faith and help others at the same time. When I’m baking in Britain someone somewhere else, a long way away, will benefit. That makes me feel connected to them; it gives me a stake in their wellbeing even though we’ll probably never meet.”

The fundraising event takes place in October and encourages bakers of all ages to fundraise by baking cakes and selling them in the week running up to Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October. Tearfund is encouraging community groups including churches, schools and workplaces to sign up for this year’s Big Bake at www.tearfund.org/getbaking.
Last year’s Big Bake raised £70,000 to help protect children from trafficking, disease and disaster.
Picture credit: Louise Thomas/Tearfund. Five-year-olds Sade (left) and Aimee (right) anticipate sampling the cakes they are making with Martha Collison