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Match funding encourages higher & more frequent giving, says report

Melanie May | 15 August 2016 | News

Match funding stimulates higher and more frequent giving, according to a report from Localgiving into how financial incentives encourage donations.
Striking a Match: Incentivised Giving Report 2016 reveals the key results and learnings from a number of match fund campaigns run by Localgiving throughout 2015 as part of its Incentivised Giving Programme, which in 2015 raised £834,224 for 1,288 groups from 16,561 donors.
Localgiving ran six match fund campaigns featuring a range of different incentives to encourage donations. These included 1:1 match funding, ‘randomised’ match funding (in which donations had a chance of being matched) and fundraiser competitions.
The findings show that different incentives – ranging from match funding to competition prizes – can be used to engage supporters in charitable causes, as well as stimulate higher, more frequent donations.
Using donation data and donor feedback, Striking a Match: Incentivised Giving Report 2016 looks at the impact of each campaign on the overall amount raised; charity and donor participation rates; donation size and frequency; donor sentiment and retention.
Key findings:

Stephen Mallinson, chief executive of Localgiving said:
“In recent years Localgiving has been exploring incentivisation as a way to engage people with their local charities and community groups. This report compares and contrasts the six Incentivised Giving Campaigns we ran in 2015 – not only proving conclusively that match funding works as a concept, but also showing how different incentives can be used to achieve different outcomes.”
The findings will be used to inform Localgiving’s future initiatives.



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