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St Albans businesses create spoof version of Timberlake video for charity

Melanie May | 20 June 2016 | News

A spoof version of Justin Timberlake’s video, ‘CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!’ created by local businesses in St Albans is raising funds for Home-Start, the charity that supports struggling families in Hertfordshire.
Coordinated by Sue Wybrow, Founder of the St Albans Businesses (SAB) group and filmed by Yellow Lizard Media, the video features people from over 30 local businesses, including St Albans ex-mayor Salih Gaygusiv who takes Justin’s role in the video.
[youtube height=”450″width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBQMZ4e4POU[/youtube]
A premiere of the video was screened locally on 16th June with money from the ticket sales going to the charity, and so far the video has raised £2317.62 with over 6200 views online. The current total is enough to enable Home-Start to support two new families for six months. SAB has supported the charity since January with other fundraising events including a “What Has St Albans Got To Offer Your Business?” event with profits from the ticket sales going to Home-Start, a golf day, and a Comedy in the Yurt night. SAB is also donating a percentage of its membership fees to the charity each month.
Wybrow said:

“We are overwhelmed with the response from the business community in St Albans to take part in this project. From a brief mention on Facebook, tons of businesses jumped up and got involved. Everyone has been amazing, fun to work with and very flexible.”



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