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Retail Gift Aid training package launched for charity shops

Howard Lake | 7 June 2016 | News

Retail Gift Aid technology company Eproductive has launched a new Gift Aid training package to help charities comply with a recently introduced HMRC rule.
HMRC now requires charities to keep records of staff and volunteer training to show that all those using Retail Gift Aid have a good understanding of the processes.
Eproductive’s e-learning module covers the HMRC compliance training and provides certificates of achievement for volunteers and staff who complete it successfully.
Retail Gift Aid was introduced 10 years ago and enables charities to claim Gift Aid on the value of donated goods. It is one of several ways in which Gift Aid has been expanded and enhanced from its original focus on monetary donations.

Charity shop transaction

Charities need to record who has been trained in Retail Gift Aid.

Eproductive’s Director, Nick Cowls, said:

“Training alone is no longer enough. Charities must be able retrospectively to prove to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs that the training has been undertaken and is understood.
“In addition, staff and volunteers can use our package on their smartphones, PCs or tablets so that everyone in the organisation who needs to can readily help the charity to become compliant. Put simply: charities have a potential problem. We can fix it – cost-effectively. Training and being seen to train people is now a requirement of HMRC.”

The package will be available to all charities, regardless of the Gift Aid software that they use, from 1 September 2016.


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