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DSC Social Change Awards 2016 open for nominations

Howard Lake | 24 May 2016 | News

Who makes the biggest positive impact in society? The Directory of Social Change is inviting nominations for these remarkable people and organisations in this year’s Social Change Awards.
The DSC Social Change Awards recognise and celebrate the individuals and organisations who are committed to making a positive impact and difference in society.
Awards categories
There are six award categories, and there is no charge to nominate.
• Everyday Impact Award (New Enterprises)
• Everyday Impact Award (Long-term Enterprises)
• Influencer Award
• Rising Star Award
• The Great Giving Funders Award
• Lifetime Achievement
Nominations can be for an individual, an informal group, a company, a public body or indeed a charity. You can nominate yourself or your own organisation if you wish.
Nominations are open until 11 July 2016.
DSC will draw up a shortlist of three nominees from each category. These will then be voted for online by the public.
The winners will announced at a London event on 8 December 2016.



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