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Tibit offers microdonation channel for charities

Tibit offers microdonation channel for charities

A way of giving microdonations has launched that aims to give charities a new way of raising funds.

Tibit enables people to sign up online and purchase bundles of ‘tibs’ that they can then spend where they see a Tibit link or button. Clicking this button or link takes the donor to a confirm screen where they can confirm their intention to send a tib, and tibit then transfers the money in the form of bitcoins. Charities can place a tib link or button on their site, or let supporters place tib buttons or links on their blogs or websites as can be seen on the Charities Buying Group page for Jobs for Veterans.


To donate using tibit, individuals can use their social media logins or sign up using their email address and a password. Tibs are bought as a bundle of ten or more on the tibit site with credit/debit cards or bitcoins, with the purchaser choosing the tib value.

If a donor has linked their twitter account to tibit, an automatic tweet is sent that tells their followers about the donated tib. To amplify reach, the tweet includes a link back to the tib button they clicked.

Charities can also either use tibit as a standalone service and handle the admin side themselves, or they can go to the Charities Buying Group who will manage the income from received tibs for them. There are no setup or fixed running costs to use tibit, although charities pay a small commission on the donated tibs.

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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