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Cancer charities unite in a first for World Cancer Day

Cancer Research UK, Breast Cancer Care, Anthony Nolan, and the Movember Foundation are collaborating for the first time in a campaign for World Cancer Day, which aims to raise funds for each of the charities as well as raise awareness.
The campaign launches on 21st January, along with the website, and runs for the two weeks prior to World Cancer Day on 4th February.  It encourages people to get a Unity Band for a suggested donation of £2 to wear on the day.  Each charity will have their own customised version of the band, which they will sell through their own websites, shops or partners, with the income raised by the individual charities spent on their own specific research projects and support services. The hope is that by working together, the charities will be more cost effective, reach a wider audience with a unified message, and share resources to help more people suffering from cancer.
The joint messaging for the partnership is ‘together we CAN do something about cancer’.  This will be reflected in the UK-wide campaign, which also raises awareness of World Cancer Day and runs across a number of channels including TV, out of home, social and online, which will feature all four charities, and each charity will also adapt it for their own supporter channels. The charities are also all using the same hashtag: #ADayToUnite.
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Cancer Research UK has spearheaded the collaboration, with the aim of testing a partnership for future years with a small selection of charities with different core purposes. The charities will be evaluating the impact of the collaboration, with the view to developing and building on the partnership in the future.
Anthony Newman, director of brand, marketing and communications at Cancer Research UK, said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be collaborating with Breast Cancer Care, Anthony Nolan and the Movember Foundation for World Cancer Day 2016. It’s the first time we’ve joined forces with other charities for a fundraising and awareness campaign on this scale and it’s really exciting to be part of a collaboration that has the potential to transform the lives of millions of people who are affected by cancer.”

Richard Davidson, director of communications and marketing at Anthony Nolan, added:


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“By joining forces, we’re making it easy for the British public to engage with World Cancer Day. The Unity Bands celebrate our unified goals as well as our individual brand personalities, offering our shared audiences a simple and tangible way to transform lives on World Cancer Day.”