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‘Meaningful’ work less important in charities than business

‘Meaningful’ work less important in charities than business

Fewer charities than think that providing “meaningful and rewarding work” is a key factor in engaging staff.

An online survey of HR contacts conducted by and firm Inspire Motivate and Engage (IME) found that 60 per cent of charity HRs cited this compared to 87 per cent of their colleagues in the commercial sector.

Despite this, charity HRs did not think it would inhibit their efforts to attract talented people – 65 per cent identified finding talented new employees as one of the main HR challenges for their organisations this year, the lowest-rated of a number of issues, including lack of a pay rise (69 per cent), reduced training budgets (85 per cent) and “overwhelmed” employees  (70 per cent).

“This result surprised me,” said Claire Atkinson, IME’s ceo. “Charity workers already have meaning in their work due to the very nature of what they do and the positive impacts made as a result. This however is not the for many small businesses and is an area of concern for HR managers in this group.”

According to the survey, the best ways to engage charity employees would be by providing career development opportunities (cited by 92 per cent of HRs) and career for the top performing staff (80 per cent).

More than 600 charities were invited to participate, with 50 charities and 45 businesses completing the survey.

IME has launched a new responsibility (CSR) initiative providing for training courses to employees who would not be able to access such programmes without financial support. The programme provides for employee training, with 200 places available to charities across the country.

Ian MacQuillin is the founder and director of Rogare, the fundraising think tank at Plymouth University's Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. He has worked in fundraising since 2001 as editor of Professional Fundraising (2001-2006), account director at TurnerPR (2006-2009) and head of communications at the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (2009-2013).

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