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Employers increased payroll giving by £7.5m through matched giving

UK companies increased the value of donations made by employees by over £7.5 million in 2012-13 by match funding the donations. In the previous year the figure was just £1.5 million.
The total was announced by the Association of Payroll Giving Organisations (APGO), the voluntary self-regulatory body for organisations involved in Payroll Giving fundraising.
The organisation also reported that 48% of employers engaged in Payroll Giving schemes pay the administration charge on behalf of their employees. This is the highest proportion reported to date. In these cases not only are employee donations tax effective so worth more to the charities, but 100% of donations are received by the charities.

Payroll giving annual totals

Totals given to charity via payroll giving, including employers’ matched funding. Source:

A representative of the APGO said: “We are delighted to be able to release these figures on behalf of our members and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to corporate organisations that continue to champion and fund Payroll Giving.  We see this as a starting point to encourage more employers to support employee’s charitable donations by providing and facilitating Payroll Giving.” 
[message_box title=”About matched funding” color=”blue”]Employers can choose to match part or all of their employees’ donations made through payroll giving and other fundraising channels. Some employers may choose to match all donations to their charity partners; others may choose to match up to a certain amount per employee giving to any charity. Matched funding not only increases the amount that goes to charity, it also boosts employee morale and enhances a company’s reputation.[/message_box]