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99designs offers free design work to 12 charities

99designs offers free design work to 12 charities

Crowdsourced graphic design marketplace 99designs is running a Christmas competition to give free design work to 12 charities around the world, including the UK. The design work could cover a logo, t-shirts, social media, brochure design, a web page or other work.

99designs created its 99nonprofits programme in July 2012. Since then it has provided free design work to more than 100 organisations in 31 countries. The first winner this year was London-based Vision Care for Homeless People.

99designs’ 12 Days of Design forms part of its 99nonprofits programme. This is the second year that they have run the competition.

Each winner will receive a ‘bronze-level design content’, worth up to $599 in which a range of designers provide designs for the charity to review.

The contest is underway and applications can be made up to 20 December 2013.

[message_box title=”About 99designs” color=”blue”]Founded in 2008, 99designs has run 260,000 design contests to date and has 266,000 registered designers in over 190 countries. It is currently paying $2 million a month to designers.[/message_box]




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