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The Times selects Prostate Cancer UK, Abbeyfield and Sightsavers for Christmas appeal

Howard Lake | 27 November 2013 | News

The Times 2013 Christmas appeal will benefit Abbeyfield, Prostate Cancer UK and Sightsavers.
Sightsavers is inviting readers to donate enough to fund the restoration of sight to more than 285,000 people affected by infectious eye disease trachoma.

Rosemary Bennett, Social Affairs Correspondent for The Times, said:

“We chose to support Sightsavers this year, focusing on the blinding disease trachoma. Sightsavers has a formula that can cure the disease and restore vision through surgery for as little as £8 per person. I believe our readers will get behind Sightsavers, donate generously and play their part in helping to eliminate this terrible disease.”

To increase the impact of The Times appeal, high street fashion retailer River Island will match Times readers’ donations up to £25,000.
The Times journalists will feature the work of all three charities. For example, they will be reporting from Ghana, Senegal and Kenya from 28 November throughout December and meeting Sightsavers’ staff, health workers and surgeons at work.


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2012 appeal results

Last year The Times supported Riders for Health, WRVS and Cruse Bereavement Care. The appeal raised over £550,377, with donations by readers up nearly 20% on the previous year.
This year the newspaper invited applications from eligible charities by 23 September 2013.
The Times 2013 Christmas Appeal begins on 28 November.