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Fundraising Camp comes to Leeds and Canterbury this week

Howard Lake | 24 November 2013 | News

This week UK Fundraising brings Fundraising Camp, its new style of one-day conference, to Leeds and Canterbury. At each event fundraisers from a wide variety of organisations will spend the day discussing, learning and sharing about the fundraising ideas and issues that matter to them.

Fundraising Camp turns the idea of a traditional conference on its head. Inspired by events like Barcampnonprofits and MuseumCamp, Fundraising Camp does not feature any speakers or even themes. Instead, audience members are the speakers, or at least they are invited to be.

“Imagine ¬†tapping into the fundraising experience and knowledge amongst a fundraising conference’s audience, not just a few leading speakers.”


Why your supporters are wealthier than you think... Course by Catherine Miles. Background photo of two sides of a terraced street of houses.

They are encouraged to propose a fundraising topic to speak about for up to 30 minutes. Most likely, other audience members will wish to hear about that topic and contribute to the presentation or discussion.

Ideas for topics are rapidly pulled together into a timetable for the day, usually with several sessions running at the same time throughout the day.

At the beginning of Fundraising Camp: Howard Lake turns session ideas into a timetable

First Fundraising Camp

The first Fundraising Camp took place in Oxford in September 2013. This week, the event comes to Leeds on 26 November and Canterbury on 30 November.

UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake describes Fundraising Camp in terms of turning the valuable coffee break discussions and networking opportunities of traditional fundraising conferences into a full-day event.
Fundraising Camps involve fundraisers, commercial sponsors, and a few guest local experts to ensure that there are a wide range of experienced staff from the fundraising sector and other related sectors.

The sponsors at Fundraising Camp Leeds are ChooseMAD.com, instaGiv and Marriott Hotels.

Fundraising Camp Canterbury is supported by the Centre for Philanthropy, the University of Kent.

Booking for Fundraising Camp

Booking has now closed.

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