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London commuters invited to donate 10,000 coats to keep homeless people warm

Howard Lake | 5 November 2013 | News

The third annual Wrap Up London campaign is underway this month. Volunteering charity Hands On London is asking London commuters to donate unwanted coats to help keep homeless people warm this winter.
The campaign is supported by London Underground. As well as promoting the campaign with posters at Tube stations, it is hosting coat collections at 10 of its stations from 13-15 November between 7am and 11am.
While the majority of coats are donated at Tube stations, other collections are held at City offices and shops.
Over 600 volunteers take part in the campaign.
Last year more than 8,520 coats were donated to 68 different shelters and refuges. This year Wrap Up London organisers aim to collect over 10,000 coats to distribute to 100 organisations.



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