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Adtriusm: view ads, fundraise for charity for free

Adtriusm: view ads, fundraise for charity for free

AdTruism is a new online fundraising tool designed to enable anyone with a blog or website to raise funds for charity at no cost to themselves or their site visitors.

AdTruism users can post a widget to their site that displays commercial advertisements. The income earned is then passed by AdTruism to the website owner’s selected charity. AdTruism passes 100% of the fee to charities.

Law student Brian McCormick set it up while he was studying in Dublin, and he has received funding and support from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, according to Osocio.

Its promotional suggests that it represents  “the end of slactivism”.

Will it work? It might do if it gets taken up by enough websites. The model isn’t new of course, as it harks back to the advertiser-supported sites of the late 1990s like The Hunger Site. But at least it distributes the advertising to multiple sites, some of which might attract large numbers of viewers. The Hunger Site and its variants required people to visit that site once a day.

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