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JustGiving introduces rapid ‘one-touch’ mobile giving facility

Howard Lake | 14 June 2013 | News

Online giving service JustGiving has redeveloped its mobile donation process to make giving even faster and simpler with a 'one-touch' process.

The company believes that the new facility is the "the world’s fastest way to give to charity on mobile". It has streamlined the giving process in response to the growing number of people using its services on a mobile device, and the need to be able to accept donations quickly, before people are distracted.

The one-touch donation process on smartphones includes:


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The new facility applies to the mobile website, and not yet to the apps.

Why one-touch giving?

Mobile traffic to JustGiving overtook desktop traffic for the first time in April 2013: over half of users now visit JustGiving using a smartphone or tablet. Based on this growth, JustGiving estimates that by next year about 70% of all traffic will come from mobile devices.

The simplified Gift Aid process is also expected to drive up the percentage of donors giving via Gift Aid, increasing the rate of Gift Aid reclaim on mobile gifts.

Lee Marshall, Product Manager at JustGiving, explained why speed and simplicity are essential for mobile gifts.

"More than ever, people want to give wherever and whenever they want, on any device" he said. "In a world full of distractions, it’s vital for us to continue to make giving as easy and intuitive as possible. Giving through this new interface is not only breathtakingly fast, but it also means UK charities are more likely to benefit from Gift Aid, even on mobile."

Our next challenge now is to encourage mobile donors to give more, and more often, to their favourite causes."

Rachael Bloom, Founder and Executive Director, Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK, added that the new JustGiving one-touch mobile facility "makes life so much easier for our donors, and means they’re much more likely to donate when they’re out and about".