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Fundraising Ireland conference 2013

Fundraising Ireland conference 2013

Lucy Gower reports from Fundraising 's annual conference in Dublin this week.

Fundraising Ireland conference 2013

Some of my favourite Tweets from a great two days. Fundraisers add this event to your calendar. Great speakers, great venue and great networking.

Storified by Lucy Gower· Wed, Mar 27 2013 14:22:18

Now he wants to abolish pie charts. I do declare, the man’s a revolutionary! #finfc13 @Fundraising_Ire <a href="" class=""></a>Lucy Caldicott
Good is the enemy of great! @bernardrossmc #finfc13 @Fundraising_Ire @edelh @persuasionrepub <a href="" class=""></a>Conor Ó Mearáin
Wise words from Jim Collins in @bernardrossmc presentation #finfc13 @ The Convention Centre <a href="" class=""></a>Damian O’Broin
Listening to @imogenward and @Kevin_goodinnov talk about the woderful plumpynut challenge Raising £33k mainly via twitter #finfc13eugeneflynn
Sense have piece of artwork in office – bright and tactile – that contains names of everyone who’s left a legacy #finfc13Damian O’Broin
Simon Scriver of @TotalFR emphasizes how important sharing data between organizations #FINFC13chloë o’connor
Remember the post fundraising conference top tips 8 to 10! <a href="" class="">…</a> #finfc13Mary O’Kennedy
What specifically can we do differently today to improve results? Toyota 7.30am question. @bernardrossmc #FINFC13chloë o’connor
Great level 5 leadership "look out the Window. "Who can I praise". Look in the Mirror "who do I have to blame". @bernardrossmc #finfc13Edel O’Malley
Tnx for the many RTs and great kindness! Fabulous conference #FINFC13 @Fundraising_Ire #irishfundraisersrock (but don’t dance;))Bernard Ross
Head is bursting with ideas from todays @Fundraising_Ire conference. Well worth the trip up from the real to the actual capital! #finfc13Catherine Quinlan
Irish Times report on today’s national fundraising conference #finfc13 <a href="" class=""></a>Mary O’Kennedy
Thankyou so much to @Fundraising_Ire for #finfc13. So lovely to meet new people & old friends. Possibly my favourite day in my whole career.Total Fundraising
Plumpynut first charity campaign launched on twitter raised 40k, cost €7k, recruited 1000 supporters. Innovative 24hr fast #finfc13Ask Direct
Here’s @lucycaldicott talking about social media in CLIC Sargent (with snow in background) #finfc13 @… <a href="" class=""></a>Damian O’Broin
@lucyinnovation #finfc13 its more risky to be like everyone else than stand out in a world thats changing constantlyMary Reynolds
Hope you enjoy the legacy session with @ClaireyJaneR which is sponsored by @mylegacy_ie #finfc13 <a href="" class=""></a>
Plumpy nut challenge live at #FINFC13 @Fundraising_Ire with @MerlinUK and @imogenward <a href="" class=""></a>Lucy Caldicott
#finfc13 hey Bernard, you’re fundraising’s treasure but even treasures can get boring about their books. Hell, just promoted the damn thingStephen Pidgeon
Emotion leads to action and reason leads to conclusions. Charities are in the business of action. Get passionate. @guymallabone #finfc13Tim O’Dea
Bernard Ross wondering if we are sexy and hot?! #finfc13Jenny D
Does your website let people easily "Share" your content? -Achieving Exceptional Fundraising Performance #finfc13Denisa Casement
#finfc13 we need to phase out pie charts Make admin costs history says Simon ScriverStephen Pidgeon
#finfc13 is trending! @Fundraising_IreJohann Fox
"The most dangerous person at this conference is the person who changes nothing." Simon Scriver @TotalFR #FINFC13chloë o’connor
"Charities should be measured on their outputs and achievements, not their overheads" – @annehanniffy #finfc13Damian O’Broin
Remember to say (chant) ‘I am not the target market’. @bernardrossmc #finfc13Susan Smith
People who have taken action for your organisation are 7 x more likely to give @eugeneflynn #finfc13Damian O’Broin
@LucyInnovation We are all creative (I’m not, says tiny voice in back of my mind – get thee behind me!). #finfc13Bruce Clark
Is the word "charity" taboo now? Call yourself a social enterprise and you’ll be flavour of the month! @TotalFR on rebranding #finfc13Louise O’Reilly
#finfc13 If you like sausage don’t ask how it’s made Simon Scriver. BrillStephen Pidgeon
Dan Pallotta TED video must watch for fundraisers @TotalFR #finfc13Tim O’Dea
Here’s a link to the #FINFC13 opening plenary intro video – "The War On Non-Profits" – <a href="" class=""></a>Total Fundraising
On average private sector employees in comparable positions earn 22% more than those in charity sector -@TotalFR #finfc13Damian O’Broin

Lucy Gower is a coach, consultant, trainer and author and specialises in helping people to think differently and achieve the results they want. You can find her at or on Instagram and Twitter @lucyinnovation.

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