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Pebble Universe mobile game offers in app donation option for full version

Pebble Universe mobile game offers in app donation option for full version

Pebble Universe, the game for Android and iOS devices from Swedish company itatake, is raising funds for the World Food Programme by including a top-up charity donation option when buying the full version.

The game is free to download and the first 30 levels of the game are free to play. To progress further you can pay $0.99 (69p) to unlock the full game, and at that point you are invited to make a donation of $1 to the WFP.

Mattias Granat at Itatake said: "This is the first game that have this kind off feature as far as we know. If the player doubles the purchase we transfer all of the surplus to charity. And we thank the player with a graphical reminder of the good action when playing the game after purchase".



Each $1 donation can buy three school lunches for children living in poor conditions.

Apple and Google still, however, take their 30% of the payment, so itatake donates the remainder.

Pebble Universe was first released in March 2012, and in August it became available for Android devices. Thomas Wedin of itatake told UK Fundraising that "so far about 3-4% of the buyers use this [charity donation] option on Android". The IoS version is new so they can't compare this with Apple users yet.

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