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Winter fuel payment appeal launched to help people in fuel poverty

Howard Lake | 9 November 2012 | News

Financial assistance charity Elizabeth Finn Care is asking older people who who do not feel they need their Winter Fuel Payment to donate it to help those who can not afford to keep warm this winter. The appeal is part of the charity’s wider campaign ‘Acting on Fuel Poverty’ which was launched last month.

The charity says that donations of unwanted Winter Fuel Payments will be used to fund its grants to help to alleviate these problems. These grants could be used to help people cover their fuel bills, afford hot meals, or pay to improve homes affected by cold and damp conditions.

Winter Fuel Payment

The Winter Fuel Payment is paid by the government every year to everyone in the UK aged 60 and over, regardless of their income, to help with their winter fuel bills. The payment, currently £200 for those aged 60 and over, and £300 for those aged 80 and over, is usually made between November and December each year.


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Research for Elizabeth Finn Care has found that 37%) of people could not afford to heat their homes and 57% had been forced to skip meals, before they resorted to contacting the charity for help. Of those using its interactive fuel poverty map, 65% have calculated that they are experiencing fuel poverty.

Bryan Clover, Director of Grants at Elizabeth Finn Care said: "We are extremely grateful to anyone who feels they do not need their Winter Fuel Payment to cope with their fuel bills and would be happy to donate it to us, as it will help us provide vital support to people struggling this winter."

Mobile donations via giveonthemobile

Elizabeth Finn Care is asking for a donation equivalent to some or all of any unwanted Winter Fuel Payments and also welcomes any general donations from those under 60 who do not qualify for this benefit.

The charity is encouraging mobile donations to the appeal, working with giveonthemobile. Their app includes the facility for UK taxpayers to add Gift Aid to their donations.

Elaine Skinner, CEO of giveonthemobile said: “As the world now looks to mobile technology and social media platforms to help society set and reach its goals, we are pleased to be able to provide a solution that enables charities such as Elizabeth Finn Care to leverage this leap".

The public can visit giveonthemobile to download the app, or donate directly online using PayPal or a credit card.