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Farplace tests humorous text donation campaign in gents toilets

Howard Lake | 11 February 2011 | News

Farplace Animal Rescue, the no kill animal sanctuary, has launched a new text message campaign designed to encourage younger people to donate to the charity.
Using Vir2’s service, the charity uses several posters designed to solicit a smile and a donation.
For gents’ toilets, the poster has a large picture of a rooster and reads ‘From one cock to another…. his future is in your hands’ and encourages a text of COCK to 70700 to donate £5. Of this, the charity sees at least £4.45.
Using the same keyword, there is also a calling card that people can hand to friends saying “MADE A COCK UP? UPSET A FRIEND? Text COCKUP to 70700 to donate £5 to Farplace Animal Rescue (giving at least £4.45 to the charity) and hand this card to them to say sorry. Keep this card to hand to a friend when you make your next cock up.”
Gareth Edwards, chair of the trustees, said: “All too often, charities look boring and worthy to younger people with no sense of humour. We hope to change this with our new campaign.”
There is also a “more refined” version, says Edwards, with the headline ‘FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A COCKTAIL, YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS’ and the word COCKTAIL as the key text and COCKEREL for the website.
Edwards commented: “By using a variety of add-ons to our four-letter key word, we can accurately test which of our marketing tests is working – we have high hopes for the gents’ toilets campaign as we hope making men smile might encourage them to give to a charity they wouldn’t normally consider.”