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SiteVisibility to fundraise for NSPCC with EU cookies education

Howard Lake | 15 May 2012 | News

Search and social media company SiteVisibility is planning to raise funds for NSPCC while educating local businesses about the EU cookies Directive which is about to be enforced later this month.
On 25 May the agency will be baking a variety of cookies for local businesses as it aims to raise awareness of the new EU guidelines governing the use of cookies on websites. The objective of the new law is to protect the privacy of internet users, and the Directive will now require websites to obtain permission from users before certain types of cookies are used.
The agency’s staff will be offering a selection of chocolate chip, oatmeal and sugar cookies at six for £10 and 12 for £15. They expect to raise £1,600 for the charity.

About cookies

Cookies are used to analyse consumer browsing habits and trends. On 26 May new laws come into place which govern the way websites use cookies to track this online behaviour. In fact the law came into effect a year ago, but the Government has given website owners one year in which to become compliant.


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