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Give As You Live expands to 2,000 retailer partners

Howard Lake | 26 April 2012 | News

Fundraising technology company Give as you Live is now partnering with over 2,000 retailers that will donate a proportion of the value of sales generated to participating charities.
The latest retailers include Air France, Budget Rent-a-Car, FitFlop and Woodhouse. They join leading retailers such as Tesco, John Lewis and Play.com.
Give as you Live enables charities to earn income from their supporters’ online shopping activities, at no additional cost to the supporter.
The company says that of the £50 billion currently spent online each year, £1.25 billion is potentially available for charities across the UK, provided they can persuade their supporters to adopt tools like Give As You Live.
So far Give as you Live’s technology, which began with the Everyclick search engine, has raised over £2.4 million for causes across the UK.