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JustGiving shares its Virgin London Marathon 2012 statistics

JustGiving shares its Virgin London Marathon 2012 statistics

With two days to go until the 2012 Virgin London Marathon, online giving site JustGiving has dug into its data to explore how individuals are using it to fundraise for the biggest fundraising event of the year. Over the past 10 years people have used the site to raise £140,271,076 at London Marathons. All figures were correct as of yesterday.

Average donations


  • The average donation for this year’s event is £32.28 (not including Gift Aid)
  • Over 274,000 people have donated to 2012 marathon runners so far.
  • The most popular month for making pages was January 2012 with 23% of pages created that month.
  • The five most generous supporters of JustGiving marathon runners amongst London’s 27 boroughs (Wandsworth, Lambeth, Westminster, Hackey and Barnet) account for more than 40% of all donations made.


Who runs and raises the most


  • In 2012 60% of runners using JustGiving are male and 40% of runners are female; whereas in 2011 58% were male and 42% female
  • Male runners raise about £24 more on average than female runners
  • 66% of runners are 40 years old or younger
  • The most successful fundraising runners are aged 51-55 and raise £114 more than the average runner


Lessons for fundraisers


  • Based on 2011 figures, the best day to start fundraising was 12 December: those who started fundraising on that date in 2010 raised an average of £1,800.
  • Up to 20% of donations come in after the event – so runners should expect to keep reminding their friends and supporters.
  • JustGiving staff “always see a spike in donations the week before a big event”, so runners should mention their fundraising page to their contacts again in the last few days before the event.


London Marathon 2012 in two infographics

And now here is some of that information and more in infographic form:


Here is the data on the London boroughs’ residents’ generosity:

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