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Survey shows 13% fall in Irish fundraising

A new survey on fundraising in Ireland shows that income fell 13% in the last year (2008-2009).
The research, by consultancy firm 2into3 in conjunction with law firm Mason Hayes+Curran, is based on figures from the annual accounts of 80 non-profit organisations which have a combined income of over €532,000,000
The report also showed that on average it cost 20 cent to raise each €1.
The authors say the report will allow CEO’s and fundraisers to get an overall view of the condition of the sector in 2009 and to determine their own fundraising performance compared to that of other similar nonprofits.
2into3’s director Dennis O’Connor said the fundraising climate is challenging with a near 13% fall across the board but the social services sector registered an increase as did a range of individual organisations. Mr O’ Connor said charities can improve fundraising performance by diversifying income streams, nurturing donor relations and reducing costs.
The report highlights the importance of organisations having appropriate structures to support sustainable operations.
In the context of impending major cuts to public expenditure in Ireland, the reports highlights the voluntary sector’s dependence on state funding with 60% of income from that source. Fifty-two of the organisations in the survey were from the health and social services sector.